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Sibyl Holloway

They say there are often hints of who someone will be as early as childhood. That is certainly the case with Sibyl Holloway, who founded SIB’S Breakfast Club in 2008 with the sole purpose of supporting African American business and enterprise through social networking.

A native Chicagoan, Holloway comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. Her father owned several businesses in which she worked from age 12. She observed how each business near her fathers’ store and restaurant helped each other, and understood early that black-owned businesses were often each other’s only support system.

Educated at HBCU Texas Southern University, Holloway supported herself through college by teaching tap, an unexpected benefit from years of forced dance and piano lessons growing up. Comfortable in academic environments, some 15 years of her career have been spent in the education field, 10 of which with the Career Education Corporation. 

“Children should see how hard adults work to bring money home to take care of families,” she said, and has expressed her intention to continue to do her part to support black owned businesses, thereby helping to build strong black communities. 

Those who know Holloway are intimately familiar with her strong belief that people, any people, not just minorities, cannot do things alone. To achieve lasting and sustainable success requires a commitment not only to goal setting and follow through, qualities Holloway nurtures in herself and in those within the community whom she has helped find jobs, but the aid and support of those around us.

“We must help each other succeed,” she explained. “Nothing makes me happier than giving back to the black community. I am truly humbled and blessed to continuously be able to give back and be surrounded by so many wonderful business leaders, innovators and game changers.”



“SIB’S Breakfast Club is a group of people with an understanding that it is absolutely essential to recycle the Black dollar.” 



Sibyl Holloway

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